Equine Enhanced Counseling

Adults and children with a history of trauma, dependency, and trust issues pick out a horse to work with on the ground level with a counselor and are enlightened by their feelings. The horse mirrors the person’s authentic self instead of the adaptive self they are living in. Intuitive work can be done as well as Energy Psychology. The horses are intuitive because they are prey animals, always on their guard for survival. They (the horses) are able to pinpoint the issues in the person’s “shadow self” that the client does not want to look at or see. This enables work to be done on these parts that were hidden from the outside world. Most people do not ever deal with these parts of themselves; they live in unconsciousness.

Below is a video from Dr. Hollingsworth's women's group:

Dr. Julie Hollingsworth, Ph.D, LCDC, ADC III, offers equine enhanced counseling sessions for clients suffering from abuse, addiction, co-dependency, and trauma. She has been offering these services for several years. She has also been in practice for 20+ years as a traditional counselor.