Volunteer Needs

We need people who love kids that are patient and dedicated. Please sign up for a weekly or monthly shift with Brenda. Our kids need stability and need to get to know the people they work with so there is a trust formed. Volunteers need to be able to walk in the sand, have a small knowledge of horses, and be ready to be trained as we go! Each child has different needs and exercises, based on their individuality.

People who love horses and understand horse body language. It helps if you love kids too. We need people who can take the lead rope of a horse and make sure the kids are ok (not sideways hanging off the horse, unless that is our goal) and someone who can tell when a horse is getting agitated. We need people who can communicate with side-walkers about a plan and know when to stop, readjust and move on. Also, these people need to make a commitment to the kids that they will be there as scheduled.

We need volunteers to come exercise our green horses and help us get them ready for the kids to ride. We have tack and helmets, we just need people who are dedicated to coming out to ride a few days a week. It is important we have horses that will not spook at a flying ring or a kid kicking like crazy. The horses need to react to very little and be neck reining, also used to a bit-less bridle.

We need people who like to garden, water trees, trim bushes and trees, weed-eat, clean water buckets, and help dust the barn. It is dirty work, but you can always end with grooming and bathing a horse. This is not such a schedule like the kids, but we do need help from time to time. Any day we are open is a good time. These people need to be self motivated and able to work on these needs without supervision.

Forms for Volunteers


Volunteers of the Year:

2016 – Carrie Martinez

2015 – Tracy Carlson

2014 – Chris Rhey

2013 – Brian Kastner

2012 – Jo Torres and Deya Balboa

2011 – Blake Taylor and Karen Cloud

2010 – Carrie Martinez


Founder’s Award, for continued service in our founding years:

Tracy Carlson

John Taylor

Heather Leverett

Kelli Kastner

Kara Grant

Amber Grant